Garden Bloggers

There are many garden online writers with their own stories or blogs, here is a selection of the ones I really rate, there are many others some good some not so, please double-check information if you are in doubt.


Graham Rices Garden Blog

Graham has been writing blogs for many years including for the Royal Horticultural Society and is a well respected horticulturalist and botanist. Graham also writes for Mr Fothergill's Seeds, providing a traditional Job's For The month blog and a more contemporary approach looking at certain plant species


Pumpkin Beth

is a passionate organic gardener living in Scotland who has been gardening since a child. Her blog is a feast of information, more of a website than a blog, you will find much sound information here


Paul Picton,

the well known highly respected plantsman and former owner of Old Court Nursery, has a remarkable blog site with lots of historical and plant based information at, his daughter Helen Picton also runs Old Court Nurseries famous for the family's Michaelmas Daisy collection, you can find more information at


Richard Jackson

grew up on the gardening press circuit with me, he is a proper trustworthy professional gardener who offers a wealth of gardening advice while running an online shop and a gardening Club



Best Plant Websites with Databases and Resources


Below are some of the best plant websites offering huge databases.


Balcony Garden Web

With limited space, it is easy to lose hope in building a nutritious garden. Fortunately, the Balcony Garden Web is here to help us plant our first microgreens.


Bootstrap Farmer

Brandon Youst and Brad Youst founded the Bootstrap Farmer with the help of other microgreen and gardening enthusiasts.


Garden Design

Whether you have a small garden or a sun-deprived location, Dayna shares different tips and tricks in container gardening and shade gardening. She also shares landscape design guides in building front garden landscapes and back garden landscapes.


Garden Guides

A garden resource composed of ten team members and twenty contributors, the website is certainly a great place to find information about gardening. The best part is that they offer DIY ways to build structures in your garden that will excellently enhance the look of your green space.


Garden Org

Lyman Wood founded this NGA in 1971 with a goal to promote gardening. They share growing knowledge, environmental awareness, and planting enthusiasm. If you are looking for a vast plant resources, you are in the right place. Find articles, garden research, community features, gardening software tools, and more. The database contains almost 800,000 plant references.


Growing the Home Garden

Dave has launched the website in 2007 as a fun way to share his home gardening experiences. Since then, he has shared over 2000 posts covering different home gardening topics like vegetable gardening and plant propagation.


Pith and Vigor

Rochelle Greayer covers topics in garden styles, garden design, garden inspiration and trends, and plants on her website. With a penchant to teach her design skills, she willingly shared everything she learned from The English Gardening School in London to her readers on her website.


Plant Care Today

Gary Antosh founded this plant website in 2012, but he has been in the field for over 47 years before that. He began with a penchant for collecting rare plants, which he had to learn how to grow on his own.


The Micro Gardener

Anne Gibson founded The Micro Gardener not only to grow microgreens but to help people grow good health. She covers topics in growing microgreens simple, quick, and easy in the least time, energy, and money needed as possible.




Best Horticulture Websites


Looking for in-depth knowledge in horticulture? The gardening websites below will suffice to your needs.



Ryan Benoit and Chantal Aida Gordon founded the Horticult in 2013. They started by asking a lot of questions from experts in the horticultural industry and visiting plenty of public, botanical, and home gardens. All the while, they were sharing everything they learned on their blog.


RHS Beginners Guide to Gardening

Gardening can be off-putting due to jargon. Fortunately, RHS is Loaded with easy to understand gardening knowledge.


The Survival Gardener

Author David The Good founded the website Florida Survival Gardening in 2012 and eventually migrated to The Survival Gardener in 2015. He shares tips on how to grow food in the least amount of work possible.

Best Vegetable Garden Blogs and Websites


If you want to grow vegetables to have a steady supply of healthy food, the following vegetable gardens can help you immensely.


Bifurcated Carrots

Steph Mandell and Patrick Wiebe founded the site to share experiences in gardening, despite not having land and owning a garden in Amsterdam. They have worked on friend’s lands and community gardens, which have helped them hone their gardening skills.



Wouldn’t it be nice if our gardening resources were easier to navigate? Well, GrowVeg has made it possible for us. With a team of tech experts with a gardening double life, an app has been created to help people plan a garden in the comforts of their smartphones.


Vegetable MD

A project of the Department of Pathology at Cornell University, Vegetable MD online is an extensive resource that is particularly helpful in identifying and preventing plant diseases.


Vertical Veg This site based on a london residence exists to help you grow (lots of) food in containers in small spaces. For seasonal tips and occasional updates on new posts and podcasts,

Best Urban Gardening Blogs


City-living and gardening have not always been an easy good combination but thanks to urban gardening websites, city-dwellers now have an idea on how to start and be successful in growing houseplants. Check out the resources below for more information.


Urban Gardens Web

Looking for different ways you can approach urban gardening? This gardening blog may just have what you need. Here, you can learn about container gardening, no-dig gardening, shade gardening, hydroponics, raised garden beds, square-foot gardening, and rooftop gardens.



Best Plant Information Websites


With the diverse kinds of plants in the world, you need a place to look for plant information. Fortunately, some websites have dedicated time and effort into building one for your needs. Here are some of the best plant information websites online.



A project of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, CornellCals is an extensive resource that is particularly helpful in identifying poisonous plants that can harm livestock and other animals.


Dave’s Garden

Dave founded the garden website in 2000. Today, it is one of the largest online gardening resources. It offers over 200,000 informative encyclopedic gardening files about bugs, plants, birds, grow guides.



Best Flower Information Websites



Flower lovers, growing your flowers can be easier by looking through the resources below.



Rona Wheeldon founded the site in December 2010 to inspire and support flower growers and the floristry industry.



A family-run flower farm, Floret Flowers specializes in growing uncommonly unique heirloom flowers. Their website offers useful flower growing resources from starting flower seeds, preparing the soil, and growing with landscape fabric.


Higgledy Garden

Benjamin Ranyard’s blog is filled with flower growing guides. They cover flowers like achillea, amaranthus, ammi majus, ammi visnaga, borage, bupleurum, calendula, bells of Ireland, cerinthe, cleome, and so much more!


Best Organic Gardening Blogs


Do you want to start an organic garden? Here are our favorite organic gardening website resources.


Martha Stewart

If you looking for gardening tips, tricks, and techniques, Martha Stewart’s robust collection has got you covered. Her timeless and useful techniques have helped gardeners around the world.


Mother Earth News

One of the longest-running sustainable lifestyle magazine online, Mother Earth News covers expert editorial coverage about organic gardening, homesteading, and livestocks.


Smiling Gardener

Phil Nauta founded the website to help organic gardeners everywhere who want to go deeper in learning how to grow nutrient-dense food. He offers detailed ways on how to build an incredible soil for organic plants to grow into.


Veggie Gardening Tips

If you are looking for gardening tips for growing vegetables, this website has got you covered. They cover organic techniques for growing herbs, fruits, and veggies.





Some more mainly UK based interesting Blog sites


15 Minutes of Green

Sharon is from Hampshire and very much an amateur gardener, but here I hope to share my love of gardening and the natural world, along with my version of 'how to' (gleaned from expert sources and personal trial and error).


Diary of a New Gardener

A journey back to basics, gardening, recipes and sustainable living!


Gardening Naturally

Gardening tips and information from Gardening Naturally, based in Cirencester, natural pest control including nematodes. Garden netting, fruit and vegetable cages insect traps and barriers to stop damage to fruit and vegetable crops.


Mark's Veg Plot

A blog from Fleetwood, about gardening, food, cookery, family and travels. Trying to narrow the gap between Gardeners and Foodies. Long-time veggie gardener, keen cook, forager and fungi enthusiast.


Mr Plant Geek

Michael launched by documenting his travels around the Costa Rican jungle. A self-confessed digital nomad, Michael has been on the move ever since, reporting back on his amazing horticultural findings whilst flitting from country to country.

His work has taken him to North and Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe, and he still manages to keep up appearances on TV, with regular contributions to ITV This Morning, as well as his own show, Michael Perry’s Gardening World, on QVC.


The Enduring Gardener

A friendly community of like-minded garden enthusiasts. This is an organic gardening blog of Stephanie Donaldson. We like to keep up to date on the latest garden trends, plants and products. Enjoy our garden design ideas, inspirational articles and how-to guides


The Frustrated Gardener

After 26 years working for John Lewis and Partners, Dan Cooper started the Frustrated Gardener in 2012 which led to him moving out of London and starting his own business where he can use his landscape expertise and flair, also has a brilliant section on Dahlias.


Urban Turnip

is a blog about urban gardening, with an emphasis on growing in pots and containers. This is a simple resource that brings practical, time-tested growing techniques to the city setting. The site covers all the forms of gardening - indoors, in containers, in small spaces, vertical, hydroponic - that are applicable to city-dwellers who want to grow their own food.



Organic gardening blog with beautiful gardens, urban gardening, garden advice, garden design, garden ideas and even the occasional vertical garden.



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