The Society has asked me to thank you for your excellent talk.

You gave us advice that I have never read about in gardening magazines and books. You will be hearing from me again in the future.

Diana Stephens, Secretary Houldern Garden Society

One of the few outstanding presentations I have witnessed in recent years.

As a retired Senior Commercial Business Manager in 3 x PLC’s and in my earlier career - a trainer in “Making Effective Presentations” it was so impressive last evening to experience and enjoy a “True Professional at Work”

I send huge compliments, thanks and appreciation.

Walter Sharratt, Weston Flavell Garden Society, Northamptonshire

The most professional speaker we have ever had


and we have had some very good speakers over the years, as a past lecturer I know how much effort Howard puts into preparing and presenting his subjects for us from his vast array of topics.

Phil Booth, Chairman, Breadsall Garden Club, Derbyshire

It's rare that everyone enjoys one of our afternoon HPS talks.

There are usually a handful of members who have a little bit of a grumble afterwards at teatime. However, this afternoon the feedback was all very positive, and I am pretty sure the new programme organizers will be falling over backwards to tempt you back to Welton again.

Pam Tatam of Hardy Plant Society, Lincolnshire Group

On behalf of the Members of the Yarnton Gardening Club,

can I thank you for the talk you gave last Thursday. I know through talking to many of the Members that they thoroughly enjoyed it, with so many snippets of information being gleaned. And you also backed up various thoughts about certain aspects of the trade that I have suggested to members over the years!! Once again, many thanks for entertaining us.

Bruce Taylor Programme Secretary, Yarnton Gardening Club Oxfordshire

This is a 'proper' thank you from us all

from us all for giving us such a marvellously entertaining and interesting talk on alpines on Tuesday. You started with such a personalized welcome to our club and the music at the end, leaving us with colourful memories of the plants growing in many tough areas in New Zealand, Switzerland and England, too, that you had shown us and talked about earlier on, was haunting and delightful. You could have heard a pin drop - you had told me that there was going to be a surprise at the end, and it was great!

Rosie Osbourne Boxford Gardening Club Suffolk

Thank you so much for your talk in October

so many members came up to me at our last meeting thanking ME for the talk! The general opinion was that it was probably the best talk you have given us and the best talk we have ever had. Thank you once again

Rosalie Thomas, Highley and District Garden Club, Shropshire

What a fantastic evening we had with you last night.

Everyone was buzzing with it. Carol and I will be planning next year’s itinerary in the next couple of weeks, so we wondered if you could send us your up to date list of talks.

Angela Busfield, Newcastle and District Garden Society, Shropshire

Our group very much enjoyed your talk (Variegated Delights) last Friday.

In addition to the subject matter we've had a lot of feedback saying how much people appreciated being able to hear every word you said. and probably because our ageing members cannot hear as well as we used to, your presentation stood out.

Carol Jones, Secretary Nottingham branch of the Hardy Plant Society

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