Ground Cover Gems and Horrors

Ground cover plants can enhance your garden in many ways, while also saving you time in the garden. There are some good plants that work well as ground cover, there are others which can turn out to be absolute horrors.

The changing climate and certain garden situations can leave gardeners with damp, shady areas in our gardens. The following is my list based on experience rather than searching books of plants that will thrive in damp shade.

This list details plants which will thrive in dry shade. My list is borne out of my  observations of successful plantings, there may well be other subjects that should be included, and this list will grow as I see other impressive plantings.


Being a keen grower of succulents and Primulas, I am all too aware that mealybug is becoming an increasing problem for growers, yet there seems to be little understood about these pests and the possible means of control.

Smaller Trees For Our Gardens

As gardens seem to be getting smaller, the search is on to find trees suitable for today's modern small garden, or perhaps you want a small tree for a larger garden.

Pruning Apple Trees

Pruning apple trees is actually more simple than most people realize, there are a few basic rules and here we explain them.

Viburnum Beetle

Viburnum beetle is devastating the foliage of Viburnums each year. Are there any ways to control this pest and prevent the loss of foliage on Viburnums.

Aphids and Their Relatives

There are around 500 different aphids in Great Britain, while most are not a real problem, a few can cause serious problems and even economic lost of plants or crops.

Growing Alpine and Doulbe Auriculas

Auriculas are fascinating plants that have been highly regarded for many years and in the UK three societies under the umbrella of The Auricula and Primula Society strive to this day to produce the best  plants.

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