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We have many interests, ranging from computers and
photography to music, jam and chutney making.
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Welcome to The Drurys

This is the website of Howard and Andrea Drury, based in Birmingham, UK.

‘’It is our multi functional  family portal offering information about our professional activities, hobbies and interests along with information about the Drury Family. It is a new and growing website, and we will be working to add much more information, links and images over the coming weeks and months. Please do explore the menus and visit the site regularly to keep up to date with everything that is happening horticulturally and in the Drury family.


            Howard and Andrea Drury

We offer Top Class Gardening Lectures, Talks and practicals including presentations via zoom. We can solve your gardening problems online or with an in-person meeting

My Famous Women Gardeners

Some you will know some you won't

Valerie Finnis was a well-known British photographer, lecturer, teacher and gardener. She was born in Crowborough, Sussex..

The Men Who Inspired Me

The helped shape me and my career

Percy John Thrower MBE (30 January 1913 – 18 March 1988) was a British gardener, horticulturist, broadcaster and writer.


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Milford Sound New Zealand

Horticultural Lectures

We work alongside gardening clubs and societies to provide you with the best experience for you and your members. Our lectures are delivered using the latest technologies and Howard provides entertaining, educating and fun lectures. We are now including both society specific and open lectures via Zoom professional.

Garden Excursions

We can provide fantastic day trips and excursions to some of the most glorious gardens around Britain and the world. Taking Individuals, societies and clubs to places around the country and abroad. 

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Gardening Advice

There seems to be a never ending number of issues and problems in our gardens. Howard has now decided to include garden problem-solving as part of this site. This can be arranged by submitting your concern and any possible images. Alternatively, Howard is prepared to make site visits at cost where necessary.

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Would you like to check Howard's availability and the price for Howard to lecture to your group, just submit your available dates to the email below.

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Phone: +44-7710-038467


We are pleased to work alongside some of Gardening' top Nurseries and Societies
(but in no way take or accept any gains in any way)

Howard uses PowerPoint to its fullest to deliver horticulturally the most accurate presentations in a light hearted and entertaining manner with presentations for groups with differing interests including using zoom online presentations

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