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GreenhousesRus is a small family run business which specializes in manufacturing selling and erecting greenhouse and are based in north Nottinghamshire. Run by Andy and partner Mandy, they have taken a design idea from me and made mobile trollies to enable you to fit more into your greenhouses when space is precious.


Remin Volcanic Dust  REMIN (for short) contains all 17 essential minerals and trace elements required for healthy soil and compost.   You need healthy soil to grow healthy and nutritious crops.   These minerals boost the essential soil food web, the latter as so well described on Soil Food Web website.  REMIN makes this incredible army better able to extract the minerals, that we rely on for good health, both from our soil and from REMIN itself. 


Haws Watering Cans Here at the world's oldest watering can company, our story is a tale of innovation and determination, and a dedication to quality that's as enduring as our reputation. Our name comes from our founder John Haws, the inventor of the watering can design that we still produce, virtually unchanged to this day.


The Greenhouse People 19, Blythe Park, Cresswell Rd, Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9RD Really useful for both new structures including Robinson's and Alton but also carry a wide range of accessories and spares for older structures.   They also own several leading brand name greenhouses and are agents for others.


Organic Suppliers


Agralan  Vast range from this long-established reliablecompany.




Carbon Gold BioChar - some good links not just about BioChar but how it is used, including in Coir  composts and around the garden.


Defenders (Wyebugs)


Dragonfli  Very exhaustive list of biological controls Inc for mealy bug


Fargo A trade supplier


Gardening naturally Offer a wide range of plant care and protection product


Green Gardener Huge range of organic products


Ladybirdplantcare  Good reports on this supplier


Nematodes Direct  One of the UK's largest suppliers of nematodes


Organic Gardening Catalogue


Royal Horticultural Society  Suppliers of Biological Controls list in PDF format

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