Book Reviews and Authoratative Websites

We are planing to review books and offer links to authoritative websites in the near future, so please keep visiting as the lists grow.

Here is my garden magazine list, it is not the definitive list but covers most gardening magazines


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine – The famous British gardening magazine.


Carry on Gardening – Answers to make easier gardening.


Garden Answers available online and in print form.


Garden Directory – A links' directory of gardeners websites, events calendar and list of  commercial gardening sites.


Garden Organic – National charity for organic growing in the UK


Gardens Illustrated


Gardening Forums – UK based gardening discussion forums, with friendly expert help.


Grow your Own


Homes and Gardens


Horticulture - a brilliant online magazine with sound organic principles, lots of solid information, although not always easy to find. Worth exploring the extensive guides and lists.


Hortus – A privately published authoritative quarterly gardening journal which addresses itself to intelligent and lively-minded gardeners throughout the English-speaking gardening world.


House and Garden


Irish – Provides help from fellow gardeners and the opportunity to discuss all the best gardening techniques specific to Ireland.


Kitchen Garden Personally, one of my favourites




Local Gardener This site deserves to be better know as it somehow manages to cover the widest range of gardening imaginable. With sections detailing news and new products covering Latest News, Dealers and Machinery, Amenity and Landscape, Sports News, Supplier News, Garden Retail, Events and Exhibitions, Home Garden and Don't Miss this website offers information both online and in print format.


Modern Gardens


My Greenery Life – My Greenery Life is a useful blog about lawn care and gardening. If you also love to take care of your garden, please join us and leave your comment below each post. I appreciate every contribution to help this website become a big and useful playground for all gardeners.


Space for Nature – Garden biodiversity forum.


The English Garden Magazine – Leading UK gardening magazine.


The Garden Planner – Complete UK eco garden information library.


Trees for Cities – Inspiring people to plant and love trees in cities worldwide.


UK Gardening – Offer gardening information, help and ideas for the beginner gardener, including weekly gardening tips and some basics of gardening.


Grow your own vegetables – Expert tips, advice, profiles and videos from the RHS on how to grow your own vegetables at home, on the allotment or in containers.


Wild about Gardens – Tending to our gardens in a way that encourages wildlife.


Wildlife Gardening – Dedicated to conserving our native flora and fauna and the pleasure and privilege of sharing your garden with wildlife.


Which Gardening magazine, The legendary and impartial gardening magazine


Other Websites


Allotments and Gardens is a fascinating website with a wealth of valuable information aimed primarily at vegetable growers. The site has grown literally since it began simply as a list of jobs for vegetable growers. Today, this organically driven website covers many topical subjects that lots of less knowledgeable gardeners are looking for answers.


Find That Rose Looking for a specific rose, look no further, this site list all UK rose growers and the cultivars they sell with links to contacting them.


Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Established in 2014 this important organization looks at critical areas such as soil health, sustainable water management, next-generation crops, advanced Animal systems, Urban food resources and Health Agriculture Nexus the site of what was originally Lawrence D Hill's Organic Gardening movement. The site at Ryton on Dunsmore is being revamped under the arm of The University of Coventry, and currently they are recruiting new staff.


Jearrard's Herbal A brilliant site run by a person claiming to be over 120 years of age and who dislikes people emailing them! A real plant persons site with a wealth of home-grown honest information, written just as they see things. Not the most visually exiting site but one full of sound horticultural information rarely seen elsewhere


Roses UK is a marketing project funded exclusively by BARB (British Association Of Rose Breeders) aimed at maintaining and increasing the profile of the nation's favourite flower, the rose, through promotional activities.


The IUCN UK Peatland Programme exists to promote peatland restoration in the UK and advocates the multiple benefits of peatlands through partnerships, strong science, sound policy and effective practice

Book Reviews

The Genus Aeonium by Marco Cristini ISBN 978-88-901345-6-2 Published late 2022 Price including delivery to UK is 50 euros

The Genus Aeonium Marco Cristini

This is the work of a botanist who is able to scientifically define members of the genus in simple to understand but botanically accurate. I have listened to Marco on Zoom meetings, he is enthusiastic and travels widely to accurately record his observations. It is the first new work on the subject for some time and is lavishly illustrated with quality images. i ordered mine via the Italian Succulent Society, as there does not appear to be a UK supplier as yet. Here is the link to The Genus Aeonium

Plant Databases

I often find myself looking for plant databases and recently came across a very good site listing many different databases covering different aspects of horticulture, gardening and botany


Here is that vital link


The Best Gardening Databases on the Net

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