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Andre Rieu


Re-creating the romance of a bygone era, violinist, conductor, and composer André Rieu emerged in the late 1980s as a latter-day Waltz King, specializing in light classics and Viennese salon music. Seeking to capture the spirit and ambience of a 19th century Strauss appearance, he named his backing orchestra the Johann Strauss Orchestra and conducts while playing the violin as Strauss and his brothers did, providing the beat with his bow, instrument, and with his body, virtually dancing the rhythm. Rieu has written that he recognizes that the modern concert platform (with seated audience) erects a barrier between players and listeners that was not typically a part of Strauss' own appearances, and he actively attempts to bridge this gap and involve the audience in the music. Concertgoers have responded accordingly, and his performances throughout Europe and the United States consistently sell out. With many albums recorded in the Dutchman's own Maastricht studio, Rieu's sizeable discography includes versions of classical works, folk and pop music, and pieces from soundtracks and musical theater. His first album, 1994's From Holland with Love, was an international best-seller, and dozens of his varied subsequent releases have enjoyed regional and worldwide chart success. Issued in 2000, La Vie Est Belle included a waltz of his own for the first time. His first concert special to be recorded in the U.S., Radio City Music Hall, Live in New York, premiered on PBS in 2007, and his 2008 album Waltzing Matilda went to number one in Australia. He topped the album chart in the U.K. with 2011's And the Waltz Goes On, which featured a waltz composed by actor Anthony Hopkins as its centerpiece. Amore coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Johann Strauss Orchestra in 2017. In 2018, Billboard reported that Rieu's career box-office gross had surpassed a half-billion dollars, making him the highest-grossing classical artist in Boxscore history.

Born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 1949, André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu came from a suitably musical family. His father was the conductor of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra and a conductor of the Leipzig Opera, and most of André's brothers and sisters are professional musicians. The music that filled the household was mostly classical; symphonies, chamber works, and operas provided the major fare. At age five, Rieu began studying violin. Later, he trained at the Conservatorium Maastricht from 1968 to 1973 and at the Music Academy in Brussels from 1974 to 1977, ultimately earning his "Premier Prix" degree from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

It was during Rieu's conservatory training that an event occurred that changed the direction of his life and career. He took a job to play a date in a salon ensemble, which entailed presenting dance and light music as it might have been heard in the palmy days before World War I. As part of that performance, he played Franz Lehár's Gold and Silver Waltz. As Rieu became involved in projecting Gold and Silver to the listeners, he found himself captivated by its lilt and decided he wanted to continue making this kind of music. He formed the Maastricht Salon Orchestra in 1978, a group that survived, with some personnel changes, until 1987. Their instrumentation generally consisted of solo violin with violin, cello, double bass, and piano, sometimes with members doubling on trumpet and glockenspiel. The ensemble made a number of recordings, first for Da Capo and then Philips.

The Vienna I Love, Waltzes From My Heart

Rieu then formed the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which gave its first concert in January 1988. Amidst a steady climb toward becoming one of the world's most successful touring acts, he released his first album with the orchestra, From Holland with Love, in 1994. It remained at the number one spot in the Netherlands for a full year. He became a mainstay of PBS fundraising specials in the U.S. shortly thereafter, and 1997's The Vienna I Love (Philips) reached number three on the Billboard classical albums chart. The Christmas I Love concert aired on PBS that November, and he toured North America for the first time. André Rieu in Concert saw release in 1998. He finished the decade with a steady stream of regionally targeted and international collections that included Great Waltzes: On the Beautiful Blue Danube (1998) and Romantic Moments (1999).

Romantic Paradise

Though Rieu had composed music for most of his life, 2000's La Vie Est Belle was his first LP to include an original waltz composed by André and his brother, Jean-Philippe Rieu. Celebrating his 25 years as a performer, the double album Romantic Paradise was issued in 2003, with André Rieu at the Movies, Christmas with André Rieu, and the live recording The Flying Dutchman all arriving the following year. The latter captured a concert before 18,000 fans at a stadium in Kerkrade. Other live albums included Live in Tuscany, also released in 2004, New Year's in Vienna (2005), and Live in Vienna (2008). In the meantime, 2007's The 100 Most Beautiful Melodies went to number two in Australia, only to be bettered on the ARIA albums chart by Waltzing Matilda in 2008.

Forever Vienna

You Raise Me Up

Diverse releases from 2010 included You Raise Me Up: Songs for Mum, My African Dream, and the U.K. Top Five hit Moonlight Serenade. When Rieu gave a performance of the Sir Anthony Hopkins-penned waltz And the Waltz Goes On from his U.K. number one album of the same name, Hopkins and his wife flew to Maastricht to attend. The next year's Home for the Holidays landed on the top half of the Billboard 200, and his 2013 release Music of the Night reached the Top Five in the U.K. That year, Trini Lopez joined him on-stage at one of his Maastricht concerts, and Sky Arts aired the ten-part documentary André Rieu: Welcome to My World, which followed him behind the scenes on tour.

Love Letters

Rieu performed in Taiwan and China for the first time in 2014, a year that also offered the February release Love Letters. 2015's Roman Holiday hit number eight in the U.K., while the next year's Falling in Love reached number seven. Also in 2016, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, Rieu co-composed a waltz with Frank Steijns titled The Windsor Waltz. He reached the U.K. Top Ten again with 2017's Amore as he celebrated 30 years with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. The concert video The Magic of Maastricht: 30 Years was issued late in the year.

Romantic Moments II

A sequel to the 1999 release, Romantic Moments II arrived in 2018. Happy Days followed in November 2019, a month after Rieu turned 70 with a concert in Maastricht.

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