Aeoniums - List of New Variegates and Suppliers

Aeonium Variegates

Numerous new variegated Aeoniums have appeared recently and following a Covid infection I decided to spend my time listing varieties and suppliers. I do hope it is useful but fully accept varieties come and go, suppliers changes and prices change, so please accept this list was prepared in April 2022 and revised in May 2022. Please see my plant profiles on New Variegated Aeoniums for a few illustrations. (Update as of 15th of May have tracked 176 new variegates, a considerable number of which as yet are unnamed. I also accept some of the variegation is unstable, and some varieties are simply not worth growing, while others such as Aeonium 'Medusa' are very stable and worthy of a place in any collection.


IMG 7542

Aeonium 'Medusa' © Howard Drury 2022


‘Allure’ Only on €40

‘Anna’ Aeonium ‘Blushing beauty Variegate’ £15.17   SHI €38

‘Athena’ (Blushing Beauty parent) from Asia same parentage as Aeonium ‘Pink Witch’ £15.17 Coastal Succulents £65.00 €26.00

‘Big Bang Plus f. Variegated’ €96.00

‘Big Bang Plus’ From Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’ and not to be confused with above £11.38 eBay iamacco0 £16-26

‘Big Bang’ A variant from Aeonium ‘ schwarzkopf’ that came from south Korea Striking unique appearance and different.  Looks best in summer. Unstable habit so be careful when taking cuttings. Coastal Succulents £29.50 IAM £10.50-32 surrealsucculents £29.50

‘Bagbang & Halloween’ cutting

‘Big Beard’ From $230 USD

‘Big Wave Venus’ eBay iamacc0 £25-36

‘Big Wave’ eBay iamacc0 £25-30

‘Black Evil’ An Aeonium ‘Halloween hybrid. £18.97 eBay iamacc0 £14.50

‘Black King Kong Poker Face’ $100 USD

‘Black King Kong’ Mardi Gras as parent $45 USD £15.17 SHI €28-39 Coastal Succulents £39.50 Etsy Echosucculents £52.74 (Based in Dublin Ireland) eBay iamacco0 current bid £26.00 Surreal Succulents £29,50

‘Black Magic Varigate’ (See Aeonium ‘Peacock)

‘Black Peony Variegate’ Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras Variegate’

‘Black Peony’ Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras variegated’ Stable variegate. £15.17 Coastal Succulents £45.00 eBay iamacco0 current bid £17.00

‘Blackbesta’ Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras variegated’ Stable £25.55

‘Blue and White Porcelain’ $40.00 USD

‘Blushing Beauty Variegate’ Etsy ThatSuccsUK £39.00 + £3.45 delivery

‘Bronze Medal Variegate’ (syn Green Tea) succulentheavenireland €48.00 eBay firecrystal02 buy now £11.00 + £4.80 delivery Etsy Echosucculents £15.82

‘Canary’ An Aeonium ‘Medusa mutation found in spring 2021 and very stable, image labelled green cluster £22.6

‘Chanel’ (syn ‘Cornish Rose Variegate 1’) $35.00 £30.35 €65.00

‘Chanel Middle Cluster’

‘Chang’e’ £30.39

‘Cherry Sword’ succulentheavenireland €25


‘Cinderella’ is Aeonium ‘Halloween Variegate’

‘Copper Ultra White’ $50.00 USD

‘Cornish Rose Middle’ £34.14

‘Cornish Rose Variegate 3’ £53.11

‘Cornish Rose Variegate Poker Face’ $150 USD

‘Cornish Rose Variegate 1‘ (see Aeonium ‘Chanel) $50.00

‘Cornish Rose Variegated’ GW Bids no @£1225 or buy @£250 (aka Chanel)

‘Dutch Round Leaf’ $45.00 USD

‘Ecstasy’ aka Ink Painting €20.00 SC eBay iamacc0 £10.59-32.87 eBay firecrystal02 £24.00 + £4.80 delivery

‘Eden’(chi-xia-fei /Aeonium ‘Velour variegated’ SC IAM £16-28.87 eBay iamacc0 current bid £6.00 -£51.00 Etsy Echosucculents £31.65 (based Dublin Ireland)

‘Emarald Gold’ SC

‘Emarald Ice f. Variegated’ Giromagi €12.00

‘Emerald Ice Crest’ BA

‘Emerald Ice Variegated FC

‘Emerald Ice’ CG SC IAM £4.70-9

‘Faerie’ Another A. ‘Mardi Gras’ hybrid $20.00 USD

‘Fallen City Fire’ Etsy iSucculent £58.03 + £7.03 delivery

‘Fendai’ SCH SHI (Also known as ‘Pink Daisy’)

‘Fiesta Variegate 1’

‘Fiesta Variegate’

‘Firecracker Variegated’  From Aeonium ‘Firecracker’ £22.38  Coastal Succulents £37.50 W S Lockyer £22.00 eBay iamacc0 £16-21 FC £22 buy now

'Firefox' £16.37 Said to have stable genes and better colour in summer

‘Firefly’ The difference between A. ‘Firefly’ and A. ‘Pink Daisy’ is that the colour of A. Pink Daisy’ is regular, and the leaves of A. ‘Firefly’ will have irregular green parts

‘Flame’ $13,000.00 USD

‘flourescence ‘Pik Daisy’ succulentheavenireland on Facebook

‘Garnet Variegated’ aeoniumheavenireland on Facebook

‘Glow Worm’ An aeonium ‘Pink Daisy’ mutation £18.97 eBay iamacc0 £23-25

‘Gold Emerald’ An Aeonium green ‘Velour’ variegate £22.76 coastalsucculents £45.00 eBay iamacco0 £21-30

‘Gold Jade’ $60.00 USD

‘Golden Jadeite’ $30.00 USD

‘Green Emerald’ CS (Velour as parentage)

'Green Fire' £40.91 This is a summer dormant hybrid from Grenovia

‘Green Lemon’ An Aeonium green ‘Velour’ variegate $35.00 USD £11.38 coastalsucculents £35.00  W S Lockyer £20.00 SC eBay iamacc0 £10 GW £29.50 (Blushing Beauty) Surreal Succulents £22.00

‘Green Rose’ $200.00USD £30.39 eBay iamacco0 current bid £33.00

‘Green Tea’ An Aeonium ‘Bronze Medal’ variegate which often produces multiple heads, is short and compact. $35.00 £9.86 coastalsucculents £29.50 W S Lockyer £10.00 eBay iamacco0 £5.50-31.00 eBay iamacco0 Cluster £51) GW £49.50 FC £11 buy now

‘Green Wave’ Another Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ variegate £22.76 coastalsucculents £49.50

‘Halloween Green’ $150.00 USD

‘Halloween Middle’ image labelled A. ‘Halloween Variegate 1’ £15.17

‘Halloween Red’ $150.00 USD

‘Halloween Variegate 1’ $25.00 £7.50

‘Halloween Variegate 2’ More pronounced bright pink pale cream and light green in this form, image refers to A. ‘Halloween Variegated! $30.00 AC £22.76

‘Halloween Variegate 3’ There is more green and pink in this form. £18.97

‘Halloween Variegate 4’ Desirable, darker, and deeper colours than previous forms of A. ‘Halloween Variegate’. £53.11

‘Halloween Variegate 5’ Its gene is stable. It was found in the spring of 2021. Its beautiful color will disappear in summer. It is beautiful in spring and autumn image says A. ‘Hongyan’, text says A. ‘Cinderella’

‘Halloween Variegate’ W S Lockyer £17.00 SC FC IAM £21-27 eBay firecrystal02 £17.00 + £4.80 delivery

‘Halloween Variegated Superwhite’ £25-26

‘Halloween Variegated (White Form) also named A. ‘Allure’ coastalsucculents £37.50

‘Halloween yellow variegated’ suculentsheavenireland €18-120


‘Hellboy’ This is an Aeonium ‘Voodoo x A. ‘Zwarkin hybrid variegated £37.91

‘Hongyan Crested’ BA

‘Hongyan’  An Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ hybrid, very bright colours. Images appear to show top variegated lowers leaves green, grafted? £11.38 coastalsucculents £32.50 SC eBay iamacco0 £15-34  eBay firecrystal02 buy now £32.00 + £4.80 delivery CS

‘Ice Warrior Variegate’ £106.21


‘Ink Painting Crested’ £26.60

‘Ink Painting’ genes are unstable, A. ‘Schwartzkopf variegate. $25 USD £11.38  W S Lockyer £22.00 eBay iamacc0 £17.01 (syn with Ecstasy?) eBay iamacco0 current bid £10.00 GW £29.50 coastalsucculents £22.50 Etsy DevonBotanical £15.00 + £3.00 delivery Etsy Echosucculents £18.99 + £14.06 delivery Etsy ThatsuccsUK £9.00 + £3.85 delivery (cutting only)

‘Ink Pairing’ succulentheavenireland €28.00-38.00

‘Ink Pairing Green’ succulentheavenireland €28.00

‘Ink Pairing Green Cluster’ succulentheavenireland €68.00

‘Kilmanjaro’ An Aeonium ‘Medusa’ hybrid on A. ‘Velour’. $20.00 £11.38  coastalsucculents £29.50 W S Lockyer £28.00-32.00 AM FC £30 buy now GW eBay iamacco0 £16-35 CS surrealsucculents £25.00

‘Loki’ An Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty hybrid. £22.76 coastalsucculents £50.00

‘Love in a Fallen City’  Etsy iSucculent £61.18 + £7.03 to deliver

‘Macaroon’ An Aeonium leucoblepharum variegated hybrid £30.35  coastalsucculents £27.50 eBay iamacc0 £23

‘Madrid Variegate’ £37.99 TS  $15

‘Mardigras Crested’ £22.80 IAM £19.51

‘Marid’ $6.54 USD

‘Marnier lapostolle variegated’ Similar in habit to parent with good stable variegation. £11.38  coastalsucculents £39.50 SC IAM £21-29

‘Medal’ $50 USD

‘Medusa’ Another Aeonium ‘Velour’ hybrid $15.00 USD £11.38 coastalsucculents £39.00 Etsy Echosucculents £42.19 + £14.06 delivery Etsy ForeverYangSucculents £48.00 + £3.85 delivery succulentheavenireland €28.00 SUR W S Lockyer £30.00 SC AM eBay imacco0 £14.50-47 FC £35 buy now SHI $68 surrealsucculents £55.00 $8.18 USD

‘Medusa’ cluster Succulent Heaven Ireland €68.00

‘Medusa Crested’ £113.98

‘Meiji Middle’ This is an Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ hybrid £22.76 coastalsucculents 349.50

‘Meiji’ An Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ hybrid with typical narrow foliage. £22.76  CS

‘Meiya Laced Edge’ succulentheavenireland €25.00-45.00

‘Meiya’ An Aeonium morticia variegated $40.00 USD (large) £11.38 coastalsucculents £45.00  succulentheavenireland €25.00 -45.00 SC surrealsucculents £30.00

‘Milky White’  Etsy Echosucculents £29.54 plus £14.06 delivery

'Melon Tara' A. 'Mardigras Variegate discovered in 2021 stable genes

‘Mighty King Kong’ possibly wrongly named and should be A. ‘King Kong’

‘Moqi’ Appears as A. Mardi Gras hybrid. large plants $60.00 USD AC

‘morticia variegate’ The new variety discovered in September 2021 is one of the rarest varieties at present £151.73


‘Oaralier’ $30.00

‘Orion’ An Aeonium magnificum variegate £18.97 coastalsucculents £19.50 eBay iamacco0 1 bid £15.00

‘Owl’ $40 USD

‘Parakeet’ An Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’ variegate, image label states A. ‘Althena’?. £22.76 coastalsucculents £75.00

‘Peacock Mutation’ Very different from the Aeonium ‘Peacock being much brighter reed in colour. £30.35

‘Peacock’ An Aeonium ‘Black Magic’ hybrid. $30.00 USD £7.59 coastalsucculents £32.50 SC €96.00 eBay iamacco0 £22.52-33 (Black Magic Variegated)

‘Phantom 2’ $23,000.00 USD

‘Phantom’ $22,000.00 USD

‘Phoenix Flame Variegated’ From Aeonium ‘Pheonix Flame’ $15.00 USD £9.10 Surreal Succulents £25.50

‘Phoenix’ AC

‘Pink Daisy’ The difference between A. ‘Firefly’ and A. ‘Pink Daisy’ is that the colour of A. Pink Daisy’ is regular, and the leaves of A. ‘Firefly’ will have irregular green parts £15.20 coastal succulents £32.50 SC  GW £29.50 succulentheavenireland €28 eBay iamacco0 current bid £20.00 makes £15-23

Pink Witch Middle’ £30.35

‘Pink Witch mutation’ £113.80

‘Pink Witch Poker Face’. $88 USD

‘Pink Witch’ An Aeonium ‘Blushing beauty’ hybrid $20.00 USD £15.17 coastalsucculents £35.00 SC IAM £21-46 CS SHI €28 Surreal Succulents £29.50

‘Poison’ Very narrow long leaves, sport from A. ‘Scarlet Ink Variegated $30.00 USD £37.93

‘Poseidon 2’ A more yellow form might be A. ‘Yanzi’? $360.00 USD

‘Poseidon’ Definitely not Aeonium ‘Zeus’ as this arose from A. undulatum variegatum. $60 USD £393.33  coastalsucculents £195.00 IAM £64-155

‘Posiedon Middle’ From Aeonium undulatum variegated $300.00 £136.56 GW  GW 0 bids @£175 buy now £300

‘Pretty Wizard’ Image labelled A. ‘Meiji’? $50.00 USD (large)

‘Princess’ An Aeonium ‘Pink Witch mutation and genetically stable. £30.35 coastalsucculents £40.00

‘Princess Poseidon’  coastalsucculents £200.00

‘Purple Cloud’ new Asian introduction 2022 An Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ hybrid coastalsucculents £22.50 SHI €28-38

‘Purple Glow’ An Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ variegate. £22.76 SC GW eBay iamacc0 £22.99 eBay greatwestern12345 £50.00 plus £6.50 delivery (Might be same as Purple Cloud) Etsy ThatSuccsUk £38.80 + £3.45 delivery

‘Rainbow’ An Aeonium ‘Pomegranite hybrid, looks great. £30.35  coastalsuculents £65.00 eBay iamacco0 starting bid £15.00

‘Red Edge Variegate’  From Aeonium ‘Red Edge’  $80.00 USDAC £45.52  coastalsuculents £35.00 SC

‘Red Fuji’ $40.00

‘Red Ink Thousand Layer  Cake’ AC

‘Red Ink’ $80 USD

‘Red King Kong’ succulentheavenireland on Facebook

‘Scarlet Ink Crested’ BA

‘Scarlet Ink’ An Aeonium ‘Ink Painting’ variegate £22.76 SC eBay iamacc0 current bid £15.00 £21 succulentheavenireland  €28-38

‘Schwartzkopf Variegate’ $8.18 USD

‘Snowgirl’ An Aeonium ‘Zwartkin’ variegate £345.52

‘St Simon Violet’ eBay iamacc0 current bid £25.00 +£4.50 delivery

 ‘Starburst’ CG

‘Strawberry Coffee’ unstable $88.00

‘Sunburst Variegated’ SHI

‘Sunkiss’ BA

‘Sunrise Crested’ $800.00 USD

‘Sunrise’ An Aeonium ‘Fiesta’ hybrid with typical foliage. $20.00 USD £15.17 coastlsucculents £35.00 Etsy ThatSuccUK £34.00 + £3.45 delivery

‘Superband’ SHI

‘Superbang’ An Aeonium ‘Velour’ variegate $25.00 USD £15.17 coastalsucculents £45.00 SC surrealsucculents £65.00 W S Lockyer £45.00 AM GW IAM£30.10-37 eBay greatwestern12345 £85.00 plus £6.50 delivery  £85 CS

‘Taeyang’ coastalsucculents £35.00 SC

‘Tanning’ SHI €28

‘The Red Devils’ Could this be A. ‘Hongyan’? $60.00 USD

‘Thousand Layer Cake’ $100 USD

‘Tortoise’ AC

‘V Brocade’ $188.00 USD

‘Venus’ An Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ variegate $50.00 USD (large) £18.97 coastalsucculents £32.50 SC GW eBay iamacc0 £29 eBay greatwestern12345 £50

‘Verna’ An Aeonium ‘Blushing beauty’ hybrid $30.00 USD £22.76 coastalsucculents £49.50 SC IAM £20-35

‘Voodoo Variegated 2’ £7,586.67

‘Voodoo Variegated’ $300 USD £227.60 coastalsucculents £295.00

‘Wonderland’ Stable but complex parentage, from A. ‘Mardi Gras’ to A, ‘Ink Painting’ to A. ‘Scarlet Ink’ gives us A. ‘Wonderland’ £151.73

‘Yanning’ An Aeonium ‘Green Velour Variegate’ £11.38 eBay iamacco0 no bids £10.00

'Younger' £16.37 A. 'Pink Witch' middle

‘Zuse’ Middle £113.80

‘Zuse’ Aeonium ‘Poseidon’s brother. £60.69

‘Zwartkin Middle’ £18.97

‘Zwartkin Variegated 1’ $58.00 USD £18.97

‘Zwartkin Variegated 2Crest’

‘Zwartkin Variegated 2’ BA Surreal Succulents £29.50

‘Zwartkin Variegated’ IAM £27.63

‘Zwartkop Variegate’ £30.35

arboreum variegate £22.76

arboreum 'Velour‘ f variegate’ £22.76 (Is this the same as Eden?) kr $3045 USD

arboreum 'Velour‘variegate’ Chi Xiafei -Cluster succulentheavenireland €80.00

holosphatulatum variegate £15.17

arboreum ‘Rubrolineatum’ variegate £136.77 coastalsucculents £295.00

sedifolius variegate best £11.38 IAM $3.27 USD

sedifolium (Variegated Form’) coastalsucculents £24.50

simsii ‘Hybrid Variegate’ $40 USD £37.93

AC =

AV = Aeonium Variation is the Facebook front of and is based Hungkuo, Guizhou, China

AM = Belton New Road, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 9DU. Please visit their website for details of plants available.

BA =

CP = seems they list 176 new Aeoniums mostly under numbers, very strange setup for selling. Could these be the people behind the variegates?  

CS = Coastal Succulents and Cacti Chris and Beth Wrixon Orchard Barns, Bristol Road Rooksbridge, Somerset. BS26 2TG Open to the public by appointment only. Mobile 07712297749 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DB = Etsy DevonBotanical

TS = Etsy ThatSuccsUk Clackton on Sea Emma and Ray Lynough Good selection

FC = eBay firecrystal02 Ukfield Middlesex

GIR = Venella 52044 Terontola (AR) Italy  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GW =  eBay greatwestern12345 Rooksbridge

IAM  eBay iamacc0 Ian MaClure Trades as Jiffy Ltd KA3 6JA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOC = W & S Lockyer Mail order or shows only thew nursery is not open to the public

PD = PompiDompi is the Etsy arm of

SC = is based in Olsztyn Poland

SCH = Succulent Heaven Ireland Meadow House, Lisnalty, Rossbrien, Limerick, V94 7P62 Mail order and nursery open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm

Sur = Based in Cornwall with an excellent mail order service literally world wide but also a retail shop at Tremenheere Gardens on the outskirts of Penzance where given sufficient notice you should also be able to collect your order (several days required)

TS =


PC = Etsy Plantsonthecoast and is run by Michael


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