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Alpine Troughs

Alpine Troughs are popular, using either genuine stone or making your for growing choice alpines you may otherwise be unable to grow.


Wisterias not flowering is one of the most popular questions asked, here is a lot more about Wisterias and their non flowering

Conifer Pests, Diseases and Other Problems

Conifers are often planted in gardens and are generally free from pests, diseases or other problems. Here we look at some of these issues.

Fuchsia Gall Mite

Fuchsia Gall mite is becoming more common, and is often seen in south west England. It is difficult to control

Orchids in the home

Orchids are becoming very popular as houseplants and are generally easy to grow, here we offer a few tips and advice to get the best out of your plants

Chafer Grubs, damage to lawns and their life cycle

Chafer grubs are damaging lawns all over the country, here you can find out what they are, where they come from and how to live with them.