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Helleborus Problems, Pests, Diseases and Disorders

Hellebores are very popular spring flowering plants that thankfully suffer from few problems, here we list them and ways to over come those problems.

Hellebores Species and Forms

The range of Hellebores available today is huge, the hellebore family contains many species that have been hybridised to give us the magnificent plants available today

Hellebores Interspecies Hybrids and Cultivars

The range of hybrid Hellebores available today is huge, this list is not definitive but gives a few examples of the hybrids that have been created between species and sometimes in different sections.

Rabbits and Rabbit Proof Plants

Rabbits feed on a wide range of plants, including vegetables and ornamental plants. These are often grazed close to the ground and growth can be severely stunted.

Living with and Managing Clay Soils

During winter the ground is sticky, heavy and easily waterlogged.  However despite these drawbacks, given suitable cultivation techniques,