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Clematis - Notes from talk

These Clematis notes follow on from Howard's lecture 'Clematis the Queen of Climbers' and are designed to remind the reader of some of the points made in the lecture, enabling the reader to get the most from their plants.

Success with Camellias

Camellias are very popular garden subjects and are not difficult to grow providing you follow a few simple guidelines. Here we look at their history and origins along with advice how to site them in your garden and grow them successfully.

Clematis in Containers

In recent years with the introduction of new cultivars we are seeing more Clematis being grown in containers, here is some advice on choice of plants, containers, composts and aftercare including pruning.

Alpines in troughs and sinks

Growing alpines in troughs and sinks offers many fascinating


Clematis are one of the most popular plants in our gardens, they are not difficult to grow given a few rules on planting, care and pruning. A separate fact sheet is available on growing them in containers.

Alpines from the wild to your garden

I have been lucky enough to see alpines in the wild in several countries around the world, this fact sheet shows how to use what has been seen in the wild and how to grow alpines in various ways in your garden.