Peter Seabrook dies aged 86

Peter, who leaves behind two children and two grandchildren, suffered a heart attack at his home in Chelmsford, Essex, on Friday 14th January 2022.

Google Plant Searches Down

Plant related Google searches drop - is the gardening bubble over?

Tree pollen can carry COVID-19 particles at least 65 feet

Tree pollen can carry COVID-19 particles at least 65 feet (19.81 m) – spreading it to groups in just one minute – and may have contributed to the first wave in spring 2020.

McDonald's Partners Foundation for Food and Agriculture Reasearch

McDonald's USA commits $5 Million to collaboration Accelerating Climate Smart Farming Solutions

UK Government Gives Update To Japanese Knotweed Control

The UK government has recently updated its position regarding the control of Japanese Knotweed, and this is of importance to both the professionals who control it and the land or homeowners.

National Gardens Scheme Community Awards Return for 2022

The National Gardens scheme relaunch Community Gardens Awards and push ahead with online lectures

Adult Vine Weevil Trap

Nematop is the first way i have seen to introduce adult Vine Weevils to nematodes, which according to professionals in the trade have killed adult weevils.

UK fruit and vegetables left rotting in the fields

Labour shortages are leaving fruit and vegetables rotting in the fields and growers facing bankruptcy.

Top on-line Retailers in 2021

Uk's Top Thirty-five on-line retails in 2021

Asian Jumping Worm invasion

An Asian jumping worm has invaded 15 states in America and could devastate UK gardens and countryside