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Turkish money behind Russian Greenhouses - Where is the money coming From

Russia: 40 ha greenhouse with Turkish investments built near Novomichurinsk


Just come across this and wondering where Turkey finds the money to fund Russian greenhouses in Russia?


Turkish investors are constructing in major greenhouse complex in Pronsy region in Russia. Upon the results of a meeting of the investors (representatives of companies Anex-tour, A-Agro, A-Agro Ryazan and others) with the regional government on January 17, it has been announced that a dozen of vegetable crops will be grown in the constructed greenhouse complex all year round.


The amount of investments is evaluated at 135.6 million euro. The complex will cover the acreage of 40 ha and will employ over 500 associates.


The local mass media have found out that the construction is carried our near Novomichurinsk. The director of LLC Pronskoye, Mr. Magomed Vakhabov announced that the works are carried over nonstop but mention that the acreage would cover 90 ha. The launch of the greenhouse is planned for October 2020.Over 500 employees will be needed. Launch is planned for October 2020.


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