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Howard Drury named as an unsung hero

HortWeek People of the Year: see the eagerly awaited list of unsung horticulture heroes

We highlight some of the top horticulturists who have campaigned on industry issues in 2023, for a HortWeek 'New Year's honours list' of unsung heroes.

Bob Askew: new journalist of the year, promoting trees.

Jonathan Sheppard: for flood bale outs for National Collection holders.

Derek Jarman: BPOA chairman for standing up for the bedding industry.

Michael Perry: Promoting new plants, connecting industry to consumer.

Jekka McVicar: Herbs and women in hort.

Stanley Jackson: plant exports and disabled access.

Professor Alistair Griffiths: peat-free plants.

Ken Cox: peat-grown plants.

Lee Stiles: campaigning for Defra and supermarkets to protect food security.

YPHA: Tackling many issues in horticulture.

Steve McCurdy: Defra and biosecurity.

Howard Drury: promoting plants and products.

Chris Bonnett: keeping gardening in the news.

Bunny Guinness: peat.

Graham Spencer: export and plant breeders' rights.

Andy Bunker: promoting plants and garden retail.

Christina Walker: Four Oaks Trade Show.

Stan Green: Scottish horticulture promotion.

Ed Hill and Brian Redman: Launched and grew The Horti House, helping retailers access British peat free indoor plants without any of the import delays and costs associated with Dutch plants.

Mike Opperman: GB-grown houseplant pioneer who battled back from Wilko losses.


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