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Taylors 2023 Range

Taylor's Bulbs Autumn 2023 Range

British Bulb Supplier Taylor's Bulbs has just released details of their new Autumn 2023 ranges, highlights of their range include:

Launch of Allium 'Purple Crown' – a cross between Allium servachium and karataviense which has purple ball flowers. A great feature of this variety is that unlike a lot of Alliums, the foliage stays lush and green throughout flowering.

New range of Select Wild Garden – a range of varieties aimed at gardeners wanting to create a wild habitat.

New Tulips include:

  • T. 'Caribbean Parrot' (Illustrated below © Taylor's Bulbs)
  • T. 'Happy Feet'
  • T. 'Lizzy' (Taylor's Bulb of the Year for 2023)
  • T. 'Kansas Proud'
  • T. 'Alison Bradley'
  • T. 'Columbus'
  • T. 'Red Madonna'
T. Caribbean Parrot IC

New Camassia 'Blue Melody' – Light blue flowers with variegated foliage.

New Daffodils  (Narcissus) Include:

  • N. 'Stainless – sweetly fragrant all white
  • N. 'Sabine Hay' – new to Taylor's list, always an RHS Chelsea favourite
  • N. 'Gentle Giant' – Large flowers with frilled orange cup
  • N. 'Beige Beauty' – unusual colour
  • N. 'Kildrum' – late flowering white/red variety
  • N. 'Kaydee' – white with pink cup
  • N. 'Sunset Serenade' – Split corona, white with yellow stripe
  • 'N. Gentleman at Arms' named in recognition of Lord Taylor of Holbeach’s service as Captain of the Honourable Corps of the Gentleman at Arms – the ceremonial bodyguard to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. (image below (C) Taylor's Bulbs)N Gentleman at Arms AT

New Fritillaria Orange Beauty

New Iris histriodes 'Louise' – beautiful Ivory/cream flowers

New Amaryllis

  • Blossom Peacock
  • Glee
  • Mandela

 All of these and many more should be available in garden centres throughout the country from late July onwards.

Image is designed and maintained by Darren Hodson © 2022, The Drurys