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Best Fruit Catalogue Around

Best Fruit Catalogue Around

Things have moved on, the company is now run by the next generation, but none of the old skills and knowledge has been spared.  I recently received one of their catalogues, running to a massive and impressive 126 pages. It was packed with even more information than on the website, so it is definitely worth obtaining a copy. In some ways it is a modern version of the old Plant Expert series from Dr Hessayan and now out of print. In other ways it is more like the fruit books from the RHS. It details the differences between self fertile fruits and those that need a pollinator, and how to choose a reliable partner for those in need of assistance in producing fruit.

Beck to the website that clearly explains that according to time of the year, you may be sent bare root specimens during the dormant season or potted plants during the summer. However, the part few nurseries mention is choosing the right rootstock or trained form for your site. I checked out several, including a russet apple that was available in ten different forms, either in rootstock to control vigour or in the early formative pruning to give you the correct shaped specimen.

Even if you are not buying today, this is a valuable publication that will help you plant for successful fruit growing in the future. This sets a benchmark that many garden centres and nurseries will find hard to beat, and mirrors exactly the philosophy practised by Chris Bowers many years ago when I first met him in the Floral marquee at Chelsea Flower Show. A company with a great reputation and quality plants that prices its stock very competitively.

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