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Yellow spotted stink bug hitchhiker added to UK Plant Health Risk Register

Yellow stink bug Fera


The Yellow Spotted Stink Bug

(Erthesina fullo)


The University of Durham identified a new pest in December 2021. It was found in a consignment of timber from China and was confirmed by FERA as the yellow spotted stink bug (Erthesina fullo).

This like the brown marmorated stink bug is from Asia where it feeds on more than 57 different plant species including important food crops such as apples, cherries, peaches and pears. The adults damage fruit while feeding, making it unsaleable in many cases. The young tend to feed on leaves and stems, and thankfully they are harmless to humans but can give off evil or foul smells, especially if threatened.

The potential risk of this pest is being assessed by Defra and the pest is being added to the UK Plant Health Risk Register. It would appear to be closely related to brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), also native to Asia, has recently become a major economic pest in parts of southern and Central Europe.


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