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Google Plant Searches Down

Google Reports Searches For Plants Are Down

A new report has shown a decline in plant -related Google searches. A report just been released but shows fewer of us are searching online for plant information than just 12 months ago 62% of the top 50 sites visited by people looking for gardening information have shown a decline. The main losers appear to be well-known sites such as Primrose, Crocus, J Parkers, Sutton's and Waitrose. Those to see an increase include farmer Gracy, green fingers garden centre,, Bloom and wild, and top of the list was bunches.


ashwood nursery and garden centre

Ashwood Nurseries Plant Sales Area

Interestingly, Ashwood saw their visibility increase from 338 in October 2020 to 453 this year representing a 34% increase which related to compared to the market increase of 46%. Some of this may have been due to staffing issues and stock levels during October 2020 but this certainly books the trend proving how popular this nursery is becoming.

Thompson and Morgan retains top spot as the most visible UK plant online supplier but even here they suffered a 4% decrease over the past 12 months bunches saw an amazing year of growth yet again of more than 78% moving them into one of the top five online brands.

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