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The Case of Two Rude Fingers in The Midlands

The Case of Two Rude Fingers in The Midlands

Middle finger bush 3709268

The offending hedge in Warwickshire

Mr Jenkins who lives opposite the Office Pub in Warton, Warwickshire faces police action if he does not reshape or remove and offending finger like part of his hedge after a neighbour objected. Initially he received a letter from the Warwickshire County Council telling him to alter or remove almost 20 years of work. Then police arrived to inform him that if there was one more complaint, there would be an instant fine as it constituted a public order issue.

Richard Jenkins 1508186

63 year old Mr Jenkins with his hedge in Warton Warwickshire

Warton bush 3709270

The Office pub in the background in Warwickshire

Strange but even more strange that just up the road in Tamworth in 2012 a 53-year-old MrJackson had a similar problem when a neighbour made the same allegation over an almost identical hedge. Neighbours campaigned to keep the hedge  as it was and one resident even used an image of the hedge as a screen saver for his phone.

 Mr Jackson 1

Mr Jacksons hedge in Tamworth in 20212


Mr Jackson 3

Mr Jackson aged 53 in Tamworth

Have the facts been honestly reported or are images being wrongly attributed to stories I leave that up to you. The fact is many of us have a sense of humour and would welcome to see a policeman on our streets but not for matters such as this.


A little research shows Warton is a small village outside Tamworth so get the opinion that Mr Jackson managed to keep the hedge and now owner Mr Jenkins has run into trouble with the council who didnt win the first time.

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