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Leto Smart Seed Feeder For Small Birds

Safe, clean and hassle free measuring



Black Leto Smart Seed Feeder For Small Birds

By Howard Drury


Product Features

Designed to stop larger birds and Squirrels getting at food
Depending on mix, can hold at least 1 kg of bird food
Aimed at birds weighing below 70 grams where the feeder port will remain open
Larger birds will close the feeding port
Unique push pin locking system for top and bottom sections


Initial Impressions

Delivered very quickly and securely packages, all environmentally friendly packing.
Lightweight compared with my much older cage type designed squirrel proof feeders.
Novel, but impressive push pin locking system for the top and bottom sections
Wide tube for food supply, will it be a problem on windy sites, was breezy today but not moving around.
Like the concept of each feeding station having its own segregated feeding port.
The tube feels similar in construction to my older feeders, which have not discoloured or been damaged. The unit overall feels robust.
With the angled cover above the feeding ports, this feeder should not allow water to ingress and contaminate the food supply, in my opinion something very important.


Initial conclusions

Good points - easy to access for filling and cleaning. Like the small holes to ensure any water does run out of the feeder.
Seems a lot less fiddly to refill than other squirrel proof bird feeders I am comparing with the Leto.
Bad Points - so far none, but the feeder was only put up yesterday


Further trials

After threes of use, our resident birds have now taken to this feeder, devouring 2 kg of food over six days while we were away recently. Our local squirrels have so far not been able to steal food, although they have tried very hard, without damaging the feeder. I did have some reservations about reflections from the three dividing panels, but I was proved very wrong, and now large numbers of birds visit this feeder.  I will try to mount a camera to ensure my observations regarding squirrels are correct and update this trial again once I have continuous camera evidence the food is only being taken by birds. So far very impressed.


Details and Availability

This feeder is available from  C J Wildbird Food as SKU 30023 in black, a similar model is available in silver, both are £34.99, which is very comparable with other squirrel proof bird feeder. As this company also supply retail outlets such as garden centres, there is every chance of seeing this in your local garden centre.

The Leto Small Bird Feeder

With push button top and bottom


Angled cover to keep the rain out and pests away

The bottom is easily removed for cleaning

Individual feeder port with food showing





Only quarter fill your feeder until the birds get used to it to ensure fresh food supply

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