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Westland General Plant Food

Safe, clean and hassle free measuring

Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed



Product Features

Rich in Seaweed
Easy safe to measure and faster to use
All nutrients freely available to the plants
Optimized nutrients for all composts
Size 1 litre

Initial Impressions

 Trials included giving the first watering to winter dormant succulents in my collection, often a difficult job, especially when some of the peat free alternatives have really dried out. Interestingly, the dilute solution spread evenly through the compost, rather than simply running down the outside of the dry rootball. Little seemed to run off the top of the compost that normally happens. I used the NuCan 5 litre watering can with push button control for precise watering.

The measuring system is so simple and accurate, it means you can keep your hands clean and dry, while the safety cap ensures it cannot be opened by young children. This should become the norm with all manufacturers of liquid feeds.

Does it work - we will have to wait and see as it will be some weeks before i can compare  the Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Feed with some of my favourite. I will be trying it on a range of plants in very differing compost.

Initial conclusions

Good points - Easy and accurate measuring without any risks or spills. Seems to readily soak into dry composts

Bad Points - so far none

Further trials

I will update my observations when I have used the Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed for 12 months

Details and Availability

Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1L x 2 Code 1090-9285

Price ££12.98 for 2 x 1 litre from Marshall's Garden and other good online and in-store garden retailers


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