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Eversharp Bypass Secateurs

Carbon Steel Blades with Eversharp technology

Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs


Kent and Stowe make some of my favourite hand tools, so I was excited to learn about these in the autumn of 2021. At this stage, we were only able to hand pre-production models. We were informed they would be called Eversharp because of the special technology employed in the blade and the bypass, meaning they should never go blunt. In 2022, I was able to collect two versions of the Eversharp, one as described about and a second for those preferring the older style but still popular for many the Anvil version.

Design Features

Carbon steel blades with Eversharp technology
Lightweight aluminium body with FSC certified ash wood handles Adjustable hand size, suitable for right and left-handed users
Maximum cutting diameter: 25 mm (1")
Designed and made in the UK
10-year warranty

Initial Impressions


Initial conclusions

Good points - Like the eye to have a wrist lanyard to save dropping them

Bad Points - none so far

Further trials

I will update my observations when I have used the Eversharp Bypass Secateurs for 12 months

Details and Availability

Model Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs 1090-9282

Price £29.99 from Marshall's Garden and other good online and in-store garden retailers


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