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Hacquetia epipactis 'Thor'

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Hacquetia epipactis 'Thor'

Hacquetia epipactis 'Thor'

This is a slowly spread rhizomatous deciduous perennial that is highly desirable. Having grown the ordinary green leaved form for many years, I was pleased to acquire a young plant of this at one of the Alpine Garden Society's spring flowers shows, where it was being offered by a leading alpine nursery. It blooms in March and April with us, the flowers almost appearing before the foliage. The small bright yellow flowers are accompanied by cream and green rounded leaf bracts, which sit almost level with the glossy bright green leaves that have cream and white margins that become more pronounced after flowering. Nowadays, more correctly Sanicula rather than Hacquetia.

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It is currently being listed by

Beth Chatto Gardens

Edrom Nurseries

Hoo House Nursery


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