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Are you looking for a top class Talk, Lecture or Demonstration – then please read on!

I try to make all my presentations both horticulturally accurate and at the same time being light hearted and entertaining. Slides are a thing of the past. My modern PowerPoint presentations allow more information to be displayed in addition to just pictures, making for more interesting approaches to subjects.  I also offer large screen video presentations with full stereo sound and my commentary on some of the places and gardens I have visited and recorded recently.  A full range of props is supplied including radio microphones, stereo PA system, digital projector and large screen (7ft) where necessary. All I ask for is a contact telephone number for the day of the talk, directions, (preferably post code of venue!) close suitable parking and a 13amp socket!



I was born in Lincolnshire, started selling lettuces at 6, worked on local nurseries and trained at local Agricultural colleges before going on to Edinburgh Botanic Garden as a Student, leaving with honours and all but one of the top awards. I then moved to Birmingham, working for 20 years as a Horticultural Training Officer and working as researcher and presenter on Central TV’s Gardening Time for 611 episodes. Today I still write, run gardening clubs and give appearances throughout Britain in addition to giving horticultural advice and running gardening holidays around the world. I am closely involved with ExtraCare Charitable Trust where for for than 20 years we have been using gardening as a therapy in the form of a gardening competition.  I also run a computer business building and repairing systems. Today I use the latest computer, projection and audio technology to make my talks much more of an experience rather than just a lecture.


 Walter Sharratt, Weston Flaveell Garden Society Just a quick confirmation of the conversation I had with you at the end of your presentation last evening (20/10/15) in Weston Favell (Northamptonshire).

As a retired Senior Commercial Business Manager in 3 x PLC’s and in my earlier career - a trainer in “Making Effective Presentations” it was so impressive last evening to experience and enjoy a “True Professional at Work”

I send huge compliments, thanks  and appreciation.

You have obviously invested in some high-tech equipment [which helps!] but your personal style, humour and attention to small [but so important] details was outstanding. Some examples being:-

# prior to starting, you carefully adjusting the portable screen to correct picture size and balancing the level

# your intro showing personalised topic title / date / occasion etc etc

# superb “themed music”  at the end - linking with earlier presentation content.

This made it one of the few outstanding presentations I have witnessed in recent years.   

Thank you so much for your talk in October, so many members came up to me at our last meeting thanking ME for the talk! The general opinion was that it was probably the best talk you have given us and the best talk we have ever had. Thank you once again Rosalie Thomas Highley and District Garden Club

That was a wonderful evening last night; I wish all our meetings were so entertaining! Alwyn Woolley, Kingston Bagpuize Garden Club

What a fantastic evening we had with you last night. Everyone was buzzing with it. Carol and I will be planning next year’s itinerary in the next couple of weeks so we wondered if you could send us your up to date list of talks. Angela Busfield Newcastle and District Garden Society

The Society has asked me to thank you for your excellent talk. You gave us advice that I have never read about in gardening magazines and books. You will be hearing from me again in the future. Diana Stephens Secretary Houldern Garden Society

Just wanted to say 'thank you' for an excellent evening. It was a very enjoyable evening and we had over 75 people there (more than for Nick Hamilton!) and everything worked like clockwork, makes it easier for the Chairperson, no doubt we will see you in the future. Sheila Wright Evington Garden Club

Many thanks for your excellent presentation last night.  Always so enjoyable with your combination of music which you manage to fit the scenery perfectly. I do hope we see you again soon at Welford Jan Stewart

The most professional speaker we have ever had and we have had some very good speakers over the years, as a past lecturer I know how much effort Howard puts into preparing and presenting his subjects for us from his vast array of topics. Phil Booth Chairman Breadsall Garden Club

Our group very much enjoyed your talk (Variegated Delights) last Friday. In addition to the subject matter we've had a lot of feedback saying how much people appreciated being able to hear every word you said. We've recently moved to the school venue as the acoustics were so awful in the last hall we used. However, despite the new place being better and probably because our ageing members cannot hear as well as we used to, your presentation stood out. Carol Jones, Secretary Nottingham branch of the Hardy Plant Society

On behalf of the Members of the Yarnton Gardening Club, can I thank you for the talk you gave last Thursday.  I know through talking to many of the Members that they thoroughly enjoyed it, with so many snippets of information being gleaned.  And you also backed up various thoughts about certain aspects of the trade that I have suggested to members over the years!!  One again many thanks for entertaining us.   Bruce Taylor Programme Secretary, Yarnton Gardening Club

 Thanks again for such an interesting and useful presentation. One of these I will get up to Edinburgh to check out your alpine garden! Your talk (on alpines in the wild and cultivation) inspired me to have a go, and what is more important, John is quite keen to join me! Trish Harding, Secretary Tredding Gardening Club

Very many thanks for your excellent talk last evening. People really enjoyed it and spoke very positively about the evening. Your very helpful information, opinions and suggestions were well received and everyone will have gone away with practical ideas to help the wildlife in their gardens. Thank you too, for remaining behind at the end to answer questions. Margaret Chairman of the Malvern Group of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

This is a 'proper' thank you from us all for giving us such a marvellously entertaining and interesting talk on alpines on Tuesday.   You started with such a personalised welcome to our club and the music at the end, leaving us with colourful memories of the plants growing in many tough areas in New Zealand, Switzerland and England, too, that you had shown us and talked about earlier on, was haunting and delightful.   You could have heard a pin drop - you had told me that there was going to be a surprise at the end and it was great! Rosie Osbourne Boxford Gardening Club

Charges and Fees

These are based on a minimum charge for an audience of up to seventy five people and are then increased slightly on a sliding scale to a maximum for groups of two hundred or more. All charges are negotiable and subject to out of pocket expenses such as traveling. Talks booked from 2017 start at £80.00 plus expenses for groups of up to seventy-five people. Prices increase slightly for larger groups as larger screens and more equipment is employed. This is also seen as a fairer system rather than a flat rate. Some subjects include free fact sheets. In the event of illness etc. I operate within a circle of other competent horticultural lecturers to ensure you are never left without a speaker!


can be provisionally made by telephone, (Home is 0121 443 3212 or mobile is 07710 038 467) however please confirm any such bookings in writing as soon as possible. Email bookings are easy and very acceptable, you can also check on my website for the very latest list of talk subjects as this is almost weekly being updated and added to.

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