John Masey's garden at Ashwood in the Siuth Staffordshire countryside


John's Garden’ at Ashwood Nurseries is a wonderful three acre private garden created by nursery owner John Massey VMH. Informal borders, island beds and woodland dells are set against the beautiful backdrop of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. It is a ‘plantsman’s garden’ that has an abundance of rare plants as well as many familiar favourites.

The garden is a delight in spring with anemones, primroses, hepaticas, trilliums, erythroniums, narcissi, tulips and a host of other bulbs. In summer there are inspirational displays of herbaceous perennials, salvias, hydrangeas, clematis and grasses. Autumn brings superb colour with carpets of cyclamen and colchicums, Malus and Sorbus trees laden with fruit together with the fiery hues of Liquidambar, Euonymus and acer. Outstanding winter interest is provided by hellebores, cyclamen, snowdrops, witch hazels and the coloured stems of dogwood and willow.

This is a garden for all seasons with magnificent collections of trees, shrubs, and conifers adding to the interest all year round. There are many fine features including a stunning pool and rock garden planted with choice alpines and miniature bulbs, a colourful Lewisia wall, an Anemone pavonina meadow and a unique succulent garden. A ‘hot’ border is home to an extensive collection of South African plants. The garden has been featured on TV as well as in numerous articles in the national press and gardening magazines, and has been described by Carol Klein as 'the most loved and looked after garden I've ever had the pleasure of visiting'. 

If you would like to know more about John's garden, where it is, when it is open and how organised groups can book please click here

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