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Very interesting way of growing a wide range of rare and unusual acid loving plants that dates back to the Duall brother at Logan Botanic Garden in the 1900's. We trace the history of Peat Gardens and demonstrate how to build your own peat garden and help conserve many choice plants

as I learned at Edinburgh Botanic Garden as a student. It is almost 100 years since the Duall brothers accidentally introduced peat gardening, in this presentation to explore the huge range of plants that can thirive in this particular growing regeime that otherwise can be very difficult to cutlivate and conserve. Howard covers a balanced approach to the use of peat that can be carefully and sustainably harvested to build a medium that can become home to many diverse plant families. Primarily aimed at the more keen gardener or specialised groups this presentation is best given around 80 minutes with an interval in the middle if requested.

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