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They say gardening is a lifetime experience -well here's some of the best tips gathered from my more than 50 years of happily gardening condensed into one session. do look at my other title about gardening tips as there are so many easy and practical tip that can make gardening more pleasurable.

Originally this prestation was entitled 40 Years of Gardening Tips but time flies and it is now called 50 Years of Gardening Tips and looks back over the years at some of my favourite tips for a very wide range of gardening problems. Some are my own ideas, others  I do credit for coming up with some very novel solutions to gardeners problems. This talk can be used to fill almost any time slot as it can be stopped at any point, but ideally runs best at around 75 minutes but can be shortened to as little as 45 minutes if needed. it also forms the base from which may other titles have evolved from my early days in horticulture to the very best of todays advise interspersed with some relaxing music.

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