Howard Drury with cymbidium at Ashwood Nurseries on a dark winter's afternoon


I was born in Lincolnshire and by the age of six was selling lettuces to the local shops and after an introduction to horticulture at Jackson’s of Allington. I then went on to Edinburgh Botanics as a student, marrying a young lady on the way to Edinburgh Botanics  who has supported me through thick and thin over the past 40+ years).

After completing a three-year course with honours I joined Birmingham Council in 1976 as a training officer based at Kings Heath Park. In 1984 I was given my first chance at presenting a gardening programme that lasted for more 10 years and 611 episodes under the title of Central TV’s “Gardening Time”.

Today I lecture and give advice in addition to writing for two publications, run garden holidays and advising at Ashwood Nurseries where I also run the winter lecutures and the monthly day trips.  I also run a small computing business building and repairing computers.

We have a large garden in Kings Heath that takes a lot of my time but also gives me a lot of pleasure. I have several collections of plants including a very extensive and large collections of Aeoniums, Echeverias, Agaves, coloured leaved zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums), Auriculas and Primulas.

Lecturing takes a lot of my time as I tailor each talk or lecture specifically for a group and am constantly updating and extending my extensive list of subjects. Andrea and I frequently travel long distances to talk to groups who seem impressed with my presentations which currently number more than 120 different titles.

My only wishes are to travel to more good gardens both within the UK and worldwide (hopefully New Zealand again in November 2017 and to help in some way help improve horticulture and persuade the powers that be we should all have a reasonable sized garden!

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