Helleborus x lemonnierae


The parents of this cross are H. niger and H. x hybridus and several breeders have used this cross to provide a number of named clones such as H. x lemonnierae Gold Collection 'Paradenia', H. Gold Collection 'Madame Lemonier'Hailing from Martine Lemonnier’s Normandy garden, this delightful newly introduced hybrid sprung up as a chance H. niger and H. hybridus seedling. Substantial, forward-facing plum-pink flowers, each with a central boss of butter-colored stamens, are lifted by tall staunch stems and a fuss-free dark green visage. ‘Madame Lemonnier’s gorgeous sterile blooms unfurl for months beginning in January, while her robust leaves make a classy year-long statement. Another fine clone is H. x lemonnierae 'Walberton's Rosemary' PP19,439


The atrtributes ofall these clones is that they flower much earlier often blooming as realy as November and lsting well into spring. Best planted in rich well drained soil in sun or partial shade, also happy in containers. 45cms (18")