Howard at head of Frans Josef

Howard at head of Frans Josef

 I have taken interested gardeners on tours of New Zealand several times. The tour is set up by a good friend of mine living just outside Christchurch. This is great because my organizer personally checks out our garden visits and other attractions and books a local mini coach driver for me. We are met at Christchurch airport and then our driver will take us throughout the islands over some 24 days before dropping us off at Auckland airport for our return trip to the UK. Some prefer to stay for an extended holiday, others travel the reverse way around the world home. We are primarily interested in gardens and the flora (visiting Wilderness Lodge on Arthurs Pass) but do some more must do things such as visiting Pancake Rocks or landing on one of the glaciers as seen here. I asked if he could stop the helicopter engine for an interview, the pilot replied and what happens if it doesn't start again! The Tours have generated over 10,000 images and over 100 hours of high quality video, which in turn means if you cannot make it to New Zealand yourself or want to refresh memories, then you need one of my video or PowerPoint presentations about the amazing New Zealand. See my list of talks


10 March 2022


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