English Musk Hybrid
Rich apricot blooms with a lovely
fresh tea fragrance
We are delighted to name this rose after one of Britain’s
most beloved stars of stage and screen,
‘Dame Judi Dench’.
A beautiful rose; the blooms are a par ticularly rich shade
of apricot, paling prettily towards the edges, lending a
cer tain radiance. Beginning as striking, red-tipped buds
they gradually open to reveal large informal rosettes, each
with ruffled petals and a button eye. Maintaining their
beauty throughout their time in flower, they are very
resistant to rain damage and the petals drop neatly. There
is a lovely, medium-strong fragrance, which combines
classic tea with a fresh note of cucumber and a hint of kiwi.
‘Dame Judi Dench’ is a par ticularly tough, reliable and
healthy variety. A vigorous grower, it produces strong,
arching stems which, over time, form an attractive mound
of blooms. The arching stems encourage many side
shoots, which quickly produce a generous second crop
of blooms. To encourage further repeat-flowering and
to stop the production of hips, we recommend dead-
heading the spent blooms. 4 x 4ft.



English Musk Hybrid
Large clusters of very free-flowering,
soft yellow blooms
‘Vanessa Bell’ is a rose of delicate beauty with an alluring
freshness and grace.
Rounded, pink-tinged buds open to reveal deep, medium-
sized cups held in large, open clusters. Soft lemon-yellow,
paling to white at the edges, the delicate texture of the
outer petals is such that the light runs through them
creating a pleasing, almost luminous effect. The inner
petals frame a rich yellow eye deep in the centre of each
bloom. It is very free-flowering, producing blooms almost
continuously throughout the summer months. There is a
lovely medium-strong fragrance, which is best described
as green tea with aspects of lemon and, at times, honey.
It forms a shor t, bushy and upright shrub, which
complements both formal and informal plantings. Being
extremely floriferous, it also makes a wonderful hedge.
4 x 2½ft.
Named for the ar tist, designer and founder member of
the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell - sister of the writer,
Virginia Woolf. 10% from the sale of each rose will be
donated to The Charleston Trust. Charleston, the home
of Vanessa Bell, is managed and conserved by the charity
for the benefit of the public.
English Old Rose Hybrid
Large blooms of deepest cerise pink
with a delicious fruity scent
‘James L. Austin’ is not only an exceptionally healthy and
reliable rose, it is also a great beauty.
The blooms are of deepest cerise pink, with numerous
petals forming perfect large rosettes, each with a central
button eye. It flowers prolifically from early summer
until the first frosts and the blooms are not affected by
bad weather. The medium-strong fragrance is delicious,
resembling a mixture of dark fruits: blackcurrant,
blackberry, raspberry and cherry with hints of lemon zest
and almond.
Neat and tidy with a bushy, upright habit, ‘James L. Austin’
is a very versatile shrub. Wor thy of a place in a formal
rose border; it is equally at home in a large pot, with
other flowers in a cottage garden style planting or grown as
a beautiful, fragrant hedge. 3½ x 2ft.
Named for the son of David Austin Senior and brother of
David Austin Junior. 10% from the sale of each rose will
be donated to two Parkinson’s charities, 5% to Parkinson’s
UK and 5% to Cure Parkinson’s Trust.
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