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Slower is safer as 20mph limits come into effect

Posted: 07 Oct 2016 07:08 AM PDT

Motorists are being advised that 20mph speed limits come into force across large parts of Birmingham from Monday (October 10).

The speed limits will apply on residential roads in all or parts of Aston, Bordesley Green, Brandwood, Hodge Hill, Ladywood, Moseley and Kings Heath, Nechells, South Yardley, Sparkbrook, Springfield and Washwood Heath.

Although signs and road markings have been in place in these areas from the beginning of the year to encourage drivers to slow down in residential roads and local centres, motorists who exceed 20mph on these routes from Monday could find themselves being pulled over by the police.


Cllr Stewart Stacey

Councillor Stewart Stacey, cabinet member for transport and roads at Birmingham City Council, said: “This isn’t about trying to catch people out – it’s about making our roads safer for all who use them, whether they are children or adults and whether they are pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.

“A car travelling at 30mph takes twice as long to stop as a car travelling at 20mph. And if you are hit at 20mph you are a lot less likely to be killed or seriously injured than if you are hit by a car travelling at 30mph. As far as I am concerned, safety is paramount on our city’s roads, so our message is loud and clear: slower is safer.

“And while anyone breaking the speed limit can expect to be pulled over by the police, this campaign is also about educating people on why this 20mph limit is safer. We will be encouraging them to think about their behaviour on the roads and if they have not already done so, to change it for the benefit of all.”

Further details of the 20mph limits can be found here.

Birmingham City Council’s road safety team will be out and about around the city, including in schools, over the coming weeks to raise awareness of the 20mph limits and promote the ‘slower is safer’ message.

The council has just finished consulting on implementing 20mph limits in the Central South West Birmingham area, covering all or parts of Edgbaston, Harborne, Selly Oak and Bournville, and will now consider the feedback received.

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Advertising Boards on Kings Heath High Street


How do you feel about the advertising boards that appear on the High Street, some suggest we need to regulate the owners as to size and where they can safely be put others say ban the lot how do you feel? Should traders stick to national guide lines laid down by government or not, Should Birmingham Council be enforcing the guidelines as many councils already do, charging for advertising boards to be licesnsed or are there better ways to advetise in this modern world - as part of my rolew as member of Kings Heath Residents forum I want to be able to say I represent your views and we want to know!

Please give us your opinions not just on this but any matters relating the area around Kings Heath, how can the forum improve Kings Heath and what should our priorities be? do you have any suggestions or would you like to join us?

Here are some images to jog your mind about what has been mentioned, some of the signs are clearly within all the guidelines others less so but will not prejudice anyone by indicating which are bending the law or even xclearly breaking it. Please do use the contact us form to let us know your opinions and if you would like to join the forum as we want to represent and wide a profile of views as possible and pass your ideas on to relevant bodies to try to make Kings Heath better Please use the contact us bar on the right hand side of every page to let me know your opinions.

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The Residents Forum Website is here

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Future of Kings Heath Community Centre


It seems there are moves afoot to either pass the community centre to a for profits compamy or even see it demolished to make way for something else. A couple of ladies have set up a campaign to get it listed as a community asset and possibly run it ourselves please visit and support their site


It is important and it seems council is selling our heart away, this week I heard of groups in Sutton Coldfield that had lost their venues others were the heating had bgroken down and the feeling was it was not going to be repaired before being sold off. Whatever the politics this is affecting community life and we need to do something about it 

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Lifford Lane long delays already!

The following is a press release from Birmingham council adising us to check bloody webcams before setting out to recycle! God help us We need community composting and a way of disposing of non compostable but recyclable waste!

Lifford Lane HRC – service update

Posted: 14 Mar 2016 07:55 AM PDT

The following is a statement on services offered at the Lifford Lane Household Recycling Centre (HRC):

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “The first decent weekend of weather this year inevitably saw an increase in visitor numbers to our Household Recycling Centres and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“As was the case in previous years, we are publicising on the council website peak times that we advise people to avoid, we now have webcams in place that enable people to view the queues when planning a visit and will be again introducing “green lanes” for visitors with just garden waste to help meet demand.

“The subscription-based garden waste service also remains an option for anyone wanting an easy way of having their cuttings and clippings picked up without the need for trips to the HRCs. A season’s subscription costs just £33 online.

“Longer-term, we also have plans in place to tighten residency checks so the HRCs are only used by Birmingham residents. This should help waiting times, stop commercial traders using our sites and ensure the best possible service for citizens.”

Notes to editors and users!

In the case of Lifford Lane, the peak times we advise people to avoid (if at all possible) are: Mon-Fri 8am-9.30am, weekends and public holidays.

A dedicated “green lane” to help people with JUST garden waste to dispose of their cuttings more quickly is anticipated to be active at Lifford Lane by the Easter weekend.



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